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Auto Link Checker Bot - Link Detective (Script Released!)

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Auto Link Checker Bot - Link Detective (Script Released!)

Post  sathish on Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:34 am

Hi Guys just thought id post some info on a script that ive been writing, as its now fully working on my tes site Smile

(Scripts are at bottom of post!)

Basically its a script that, does everything WBB_LinkChecker does and possibly a little more...
The whole script, is configured via the admin panel, so you dont ned to ftp into your script and change any details.

* Give Your Bot a Username To Be Displayed in its Comments and Post Replies and Pm's
* Enter The Percentage of Dead Links Before The Script is classed as Dead and Moved to the Bin Forum
* Enter The ForumID of Your Bin Forum
* Customise The Message and Topic TitleThe Bot Replies with When it finds a post with dead links in it. (You can also use (BOT_PERCENT) to have the script post the percentage set in his reply)
* Customise The Private Message and the PM Title The Bot Sends to the user when dead link are found and thread is moved. (You can also use (BOT_PERCENT) AND (EDIT_URL) to give the user the edit link to his post, if they wish to edit their links)

When a user submits their rapidshare links, the links are added to a database, which is checked via a cron script, which ive set at every 40mins.
When the script checks the links, it will then post a comment underneath the thread stating when it checked them and the percentage of dead links in the post, it will also give a visual representation of the validitity of the links as seen in the screnshot.
Also if you roll the mouse over the links it will give the exatc time in minutes from when it was last checked (e.g Links were checked 21 minutes ago)
If The script finds more than the set percentage of dead links it will automatically move the thread to te Bin forum setup in Admin Panel, it will also reply to the Thread informing the user the reason why it was moved etc
If tHE script does find the set amount of dead links, it will automatically PM the Poster leting them know instantly, it wil also provide a link for the poster to edit there links if they wish to, once the links are edited they can report it to a Mod to reinstate the thread.
The Message displayed within The Private Message, is setup via the Admin Panel.
So as you can see from the screenshots and descriptions above, the script is basically like WBB_LinkChecker, Im Still not sure wether or not i will release this script, spent a good amount of time on it, tho i do plan on doing a vbulletin version, which i WILL release here,
This script as with warez-bb's script is based on code by "Get Perpendicular"
Anyway hope you like the script, ill let you all know what happens depending on if i release it or not

Oh Yea The Script is Called.......
Got a Good Question from el33t..."What happens if the uploaders are heavy uploaders and they get bombarded with PM's when there links die?

My answer to that question was have the option in the User Panel where they can select wether they would like PM's from Link Detective or Not.. (bearing in mind that not all their links will die at the same time)
This is now complete and active Smile

Thank You el33t Smile
Have now added a Checker to ensure Rapidshare is alive before testing the links, the script will attempt to connect to rapidshare and establish a connection, if connection is successful it will then run thru list of links. this way if Rapidshare goes down again the Bot will not bin every post it checks
Ive started coding this for phpbb3! Very Happy
It is currently only 50-60% done, the script is working (manually) just have to recode for the reply and moving the post, and the pm sending, also still have to code the admin panel intergration part. But apart from that its going well
PhpBB3 version is 95% complete, just some minor things left to do tho the script works at the moment, still have alot of testinng to do on it.
will post some screens soon.
Also Have started doing some coding on vbulletin 3.6.8 for Link Detective Smile (Thats for you FoxyFLS Smile )
ok guys i made a big mess of the installation script, wrong instructions and missing files Sad (sorry this is my first installation script)

if you have installed a version before this please reinstall your backup files, and run the uninstall sql inside teh insal file. Then start from scratch,
I have tested these installations and both phpbb2 and phpbb3 are working.

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